Farmer’s Market Cherry Tomato Basil Egg, Ottomanelli Smoked Bacon with Toast

Every Saturday morning I wake up like a like a monster waking from his slumber, recovering from a too long work week. I’m cranky and I need food and coffee immediately. To my delight, I can walk one block to a tiny farmers market on 82nd St. and purchase everything I need to make a crazy good, seasonal breakfast without much effort. Right now, tomatoes are like drugs. If you don’t like tomatoes then you have never actually tasted a real tomato. Those pale, greenish tomatoes you see in the grocery store, the ones that are absent of any trace of aroma are picked when they are green and tossed into a big chamber to be “artificially ripened.” The result of this amazing process are tasteless balls that resemble tomatoes that are void of any nutritional value. I used to not like tomatoes when I was a picky little brat as a child but now that I know whats up, I don’t blame myself. Once I tasted a true tomato, I can honestly say my life changed. Now, I’ll climb mountains to get myself fresh, flavorful and nutritious tomatoes anyway I can get them. Please, do yourself a favor, got to a farmers market, find a vendor selling cherry tomatoes, ask to taste one. What you will taste will fill you with joy, I promise. I bought a whole bunch at the market just to play around with later but I was there for breakfast so why not throw them in some farm fresh eggs, cook some amazing quality bacon from Ottomanelli’s, the 100 year old butcher in Yorkville (only $4.50 for a 16oz pack of smoked bacon) and some good bread. Adding some basil from my little plant in my apartment and some Parmesan cheese takes these eggs to the next level. All this is is keeping things simple…the one little adage that should stick with you for life is KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. If you do things simple and you do them well and you use the best ingredients, you don’t have to do anything difficult, we’re just cooking good eggs with amazingly perfect tomatoes. Its not that I’m a good cook that makes this dish taste great, its the ingredients you use. Remember, you are only as good a cook as the ingredients you use!


4-5 Farmer’s Market or Pasture Raised Eggs

1 Pint of Farmer’s Market Cherry Tomatoes

3-6 Slices of Good Quality Bacon (3 slices per person or do whatever you want)

A Few Leaves of Fresh Basil, Torn

A Few Slices of White Bread

A Knob of Butter

Parmesan Cheese to finish


First things first…get your bacon cooked. Usually I’d bake the bacon by placing them on a wire rack, putting them in a cold oven and then turning the heat on to 450 degrees until its perfect and crisp and all the fat has rendered out. I just wanted to use one pan today so I just put that bacon in a cold pan, turned on the heat to medium, medium-low and slowly cook out the fat until you’ve got nice and crispy strips.

While the bacon is cooking (keep an eye on it), give the tomatoes a quick rinse to get some dirt off. Dry them off and then slice them in half. They are the easiest to slice when you have a sharp knife and you start your slice where the stem was removed.

By now your bacon should be done so transfer them to some paper towel to soak up the grease.

Get your eggs scrambled. Make sure you beat them well, if you can see in the image below, I’ve scrambled them until little bubbles start to appear…that means their gonna be nice and fluffy. Season with a little salt.

Start toasting your bread. If you got a toaster then cool, I don’t so I use my oven’s broiler, works just the same.

Once the bacon is cooked, remove the bacon fat from the pan and wipe down with a paper towel. Place the pan back on medium heat and add some butter. Pour in the eggs and use a spatula to constantly stir the eggs till they start to come together. Once they just start to tighten up, throw in the tomatoes and cook for about 30 seconds…then remove from the heat.

Plate up some of the eggs, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top and the torn up basil.

Butter up the toast, throw your bacon on top and boom, nothing but a breakfast for champions.

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