Fresh Pappardelle with Cremini, Shiitake and Chanterelle Mushroom Ragu

I haven’t played with mushrooms in awhile and I had this fresh pappardelle sitting in the fridge and for some reason, when I see pappardelle, I think of mushrooms. So I did some mushroom ragu research and found a recipe that used Marsala wine, I happened to have some on hand, which worked out because I really like cooking with Marsala. So I took a basic recipe, got the nicest mushrooms I could find and did it my way. It was yummy. Mark this one under your “must try” list.


1 lb Fresh Pappardelle

1 – 1 1/2 lb of Cremini, Shiitake and Chanterelle Mushrooms (Equal amounts of each. If you can’t find Shiitake or Chanterelle, just pick up which ever mushrooms you can find, preferably not button mushrooms because they kinda suck)

1-1 1/2 Cups of Marsala Wine

2 Cup of Vegetable Stock (Half of one of those boxes in the picture above)

1 Onion, Chopped

4 Garlic Cloves, Chopped

1/4 Cup of Cream

1/2 Cup of Flat Leaf Italian Parsley, Chopped

Parmesan Cheese

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


First, put a pot of salty water on the stove and bring to a boil…then clean your shroomies. Take a damp towel and just rub all the visible dirt off. Take the stems off of the cremini and the shiitake mushrooms and then slice them into about 1/4 inch slices. Then take the chanterelle mushrooms and just peel them, you’ll see they just easily peel, they’re practically asking for it…no need to use a knife on them.

Left: Cremini Middle: Chanterelle Right: Shiitake

Chop the onion. Slice of the head, then slice down the middle into two pieces.

Make vertical slices across then onion.

Slice through the onion.

Chop the garlic. Slice the garlic in half like the onion. Then make vertical cuts across the surface of the garlic, again, just like the onion.

Chop through the garlic. You could just smash the cloves and chop it up but I kind of like doing it the long way sometimes, its relaxing to me.

Over medium-high heat, add a lug of olive oil and add then onions. Cook until soft.

Add the mushrooms and garlic cook until the mushrooms are browned, about 8-10 minutes.

Add the marsala wine.

Cook until reduced, about 5 minutes.

Add the stock. Cook for about 15-20 minutes until reduced and it tastes really good. If after that time, you taste it and it doesn’t taste as flavorful as you think, let it reduce more, trust me, it will get better. Also, make sure you add salt and pepper to taste at this point, if it needs it of course.

Once the sauce tastes good and you’re happy with it, drop in your pasta. If your pasta is fresh, which it should be, then it should cook for around 5 minutes and be al dente, but keep testing. I test it by biting into it and looking at the center. If there is a thin line of raw dough in the middle, then its perfect. You’re going to finish the pasta in the sauce so it will keep cooking a little. Also…keep a little of the pasta water to thicken the sauce…always add pasta water to sauces, its got salt for flavor and starch to help thicken.

Chop up your parsley.

Add the cream, like 1/4 cup.

Add about a tablespoon of butter.

Transfer the perfectly al dente pasta to the sauce, its gonna be a real slammin place for it to hang out for a few minutes. The water that comes along for the ride will be enough to help thicken the sauce.

Sprinkle most of the parsley over the pasta, keep some left to sprinkle on top when you plate, its a very brown plate, you want a little color to make it look extra delicious.

Shave some Parmesan cheese over the pasta.

Mix it all to combine. With some tongs, grab a whole bunch and place it on a plate, dig around the pan and spoon a nie amount of the mushrooms over the pasta, shave some more cheese, sprinkle the remaining parsley and lightly drizzle some extra virgin olive oil.

Please try this recipe and send me a picture, if you do, I will love you forever! Post it on my Facebook page, twitpic me or email me at








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